CM Punk: WWE Star Makes Startling Return at Survivor Series

CM Punk’s sensational comeback to WWE marks a riveting return after an absence of almost ten years.

Fans roared when his theme music hit at the Survivor Series event in the United States on Saturday night.

He left WWE in 2014, often speaking about his frustrations with creative storylines and the lack of medical care.

There were speculations that the 45-year-old would return after recently departing from rival wrestling company All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

However, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H said CM Punk’s comeback at his hometown Chicago show was a last-minute decision.

In a post-show press conference, he said, “That was one of those moments where the bottle gets uncorked very quickly, but we’re incredibly excited about it.”

“It didn’t feel real until everyone stopped thinking it would happen, and then suddenly it did.”

Triple H also referred to the fact that CM Punk had often hinted he wouldn’t return to WWE since leaving a decade ago.

“If you find yourself stuck in the same mold you were a decade ago, and that same mold is still your shape after ten years, something’s amiss along the way.”

“Everyone evolves, everyone changes. I’m a different person, he’s a different person, this is a different company, and we’re all at a different starting point.”

Following his departure from WWE back in 2014, CM Punk, whose birth name is Phil Brooks, ventured into the world of mixed martial arts for a brief period, joining the ranks of the UFC.

Before leaving the company earlier this year after the All Out pay-per-view event at Wembley Stadium, he joined AEW in 2021.

Despite his thrilling return to WWE, CM Punk did not wrestle a match or step into the ring at WWE. His presence was enough to electrify the fans.

“A Thrilling Time”

Most people expressed astonished reactions on social media, with one fan writing it was “the biggest pop in wrestling history.”

Clarkson told BBC Newsbeat that CM Punk’s return was “completely unexpected.”

He was in the final match for AEW and thought he would never see him back in the industry.

The individual, at 22 years old, expressed, “There’s never been a more joyful moment than realizing I was completely mistaken.”

“There are a lot of people in wrestling who can’t handle him, but a lot of people love him.”

“He’s the kind of guy who sparks a chat wherever he goes; someone as gifted as CM Punk is a rare find indeed.”

WWE fan Sabrina Nicole also told Newsbeat that CM Punk’s return means “an exciting time to be a wrestling fan.”

“I got chills hearing his music,” the woman remarked, referring to the Survivor Series.

“The conclusion of the show caught me off guard, and I was genuinely taken aback by it.”

She’s excited to see where he goes from here, maybe implying a falling out with Seth Rollins, who didn’t appear too enthusiastic about his comeback.

It’s strange, to be honest, to see CM Punk again. I have always been a fan of his, through all the highs and lows.”

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Randy Orton, who returned to Survivor Series after more than a year due to injury, was in the ring when CM Punk made his entrance, and the pair smiled while Punk took his place at the top of the ramp..

WWE star Cody Rhodes said, “If we need help with where we’re going and what we’re doing, he can help.”

“I think what we’re getting from CM Punk is hungry, and that’s the best.”

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